And another reason sugar is bad for you…It will make you fat.

Sigh. More research telling us what we already know. I want research telling me that sugar is GOOD for me!

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Those health experts at Web MD are reporting the results of a 30 year study on the effect of added sugars in the diet.

Researchers taking nutritional snapshots of the population around a major metropolitan area for more than 30 years say they’ve noticed that as consumption of added sugars has increased, so too, have body weights.

Added sugars are sugars in foods that aren’t naturally occurring. They’re mixed in as sugar or syrups during processing or preparation.

The sugar in fruit, fructose, for example, wouldn’t count as an added sugar. But the high-fructose corn syrup that’s added to some kinds of fruit cocktail would fall into that category. So would sugars added to sweeten yogurt, soft drinks, and processed snacks and desserts like cookies, cakes, and pies.

This, added to the fact that sugar actively ages your skin is all a bit of a turn off.

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