Cate Blanchett’s inspiring new campaign

The Oscar-winning actress is involved in a fantastic new project Clear For Life .

“It’s an initiative to help people whose futures are being dominated by simple, basic problems. It helps the people in Asia who experience water shortages or are forced to consume contaminated water,”  Cate recently said to Marie Claire. She has teamed up with the Japanese-based skincare brand SK-II on the project.

Cate blanchett water health skin
“When I learned about an amazing product called PUR that turns dirty, potentially harmful water into clean, drinkable water, I knew it would be a great fit for SK-II and my own personal interests.  I donated three million liters of clear drinking water, then SK-II pledged a donation for 30 million liters of clear drinking water, and that’s how the ball got rolling.”
Cate Blanchett clear for life water health
“At the moment there are 1 in 8 people who have no access to clear drinking water (about a billion people worldwide!), which can make you feel quite overwhelmed. But the positive thing is that this genius technology already exists and it’s easy for each of us to make a difference.”
clear for life cate blanchett health happiness
Take a look here. Each time you spread the word SK-II Clear for Life will donate 1 litre of water to those who need it most. For the full Marie Claire interview look here.

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