What makes a person ugly?

This is an interesting article by Robert Tornambe, an NYC plastic surgeon.

I think we’ve all experienced the phenomenon of meeting someone drop-dead gorgeous only to find them less attractive if we don’t like them. Likewise , if someone has an appealing personality we start to consider them more beautiful.

It’s a bit like seeing Rachel Mcadams in Mean Girls and then The Notebook!

rachel mcadams mean girls

rachel mcadams the notebook beautifulDr Tonrambe believes that “the quirks or qualities of someone’s personality can enhance or detract from their physical beauty.. It is my contention that certain negative characteristics of one’s personality can actually make that person less attractive and less physically appealing. It is not as though they grow warts or actually change their physical characteristics, but their appearance is diminished by their bad behavior, and their beauty decreases in your mind”.

“Our brains are hard-wired to like nice people and dislike nasty people, and subsequently that’s what changes their degree of beauty. Listed below are five flawed personality traits that I believe can seriously affect the physical beauty of individuals. I have also included the opposite, positive traits that can enhance one’s beauty”.

1) Conceitedness vs. Confidence

2) Grimness vs. Humorousness

3) Selfishness vs. Honest Interest In Others

4) Cynicism vs. Optimism

5) Narcissism vs. Healthy Vanity

Read the full article here.

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