Renee Zellweger designs handbag for Breast Health Institute with Tommy Hilfiger

The 41-year-old actress has designed a handbag to raise money for charity. She collaborated with Tommy Hilfiger to design the accessory to raise money and awareness for the Breast Health Institute.

renee zellweger breast cancer bag

The charity’s mission is to work with the best minds throughout the world to find the cure and to eradicate breast cancer.  “Our aim is to reduce the suffering caused by breast cancer worldwide and ensure that no one touched by breast cancer walks alone. We are dedicated to raising breast cancer awareness and education worldwide”.

The group not only supports women battling cancer,but also also helps to cover their day to day expenses.

Zellweger said about the cause: ‘This is one of the best things about this initiative, and I love that Tommy Hilfiger has supported it for five years. It’s very real, very direct, helping women in their personal struggles, buying a wig or allowing them to hire a babysitter or to take a taxi when they don’t feel like they can ride the bus”.

renee zellweger bag tommy hilfiger

The actress had a cancer scare herself in 1996 and admitted that her reasons for support Breast Health Institute were extremely ‘selfish’ because friends and family members have suffered with the illness. The cause is even closer to Renee’s heart because her grandmother died in 1969 after battling cancer.

renee zellweger handbag charity tommy hilfiger breast cancer

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