Get your Choc on this Easter… Without the Guilt!

Weight Watchers have some delicious chocolaty recipes on their site this year. These recipes are great if you want to indulge without feeling guilty. Plus, they are really fun to make.

chocolate low fat lose weight easter low calorie health

Just remember the propoints value is per serving and there are alot of servings in each recipe! If you don’t have great willpower maybe halve or quarter the recipe when cooking.

weight watchers chocolate lose weight food

 White chocolate mousse with strawberries…yummy!

 Click here for the recipe.

lose weight chocolate low calorie low fat health

 Chocolate Puddings with chocolate sauce anyone?

 Click here for the recipe




chocolatelow  fat low calorie lose weight easter health

Chocolate Rocky Road…mmm…

 Click here for the recipe




For more great recipes and Easter tips click here

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