If you do one thing for your skin today…

Have some tuna!

My favorite sandwich, salad and sushi filler has a magic ingredient: selenium. This nutrient helps preserve elastin, a protein that keeps your skin smooth and tight. The antioxidant is also believed to buffer against the sun-it stops free radicals created by UV exposure from damaging cells. Half a can  is a good amount.

tuna good for your skin prevent sun damage wrinkles sandwich avocado

I’ve always been a tuna eater but since coming to Australia have discovered the most delicious of sandwich combos- tuna and avocado! It’s amazing, I thoroughly recommend. Not to mention how good avocados are for your skin. So the combo is fantastic for you and your skin, as well as tasting gorgeous.

tuna and avocado good for your skin wrinkles anti aging health beauty australia ireland

(If you don’t fancy tuna Brazil nuts are also a good source of selenuim)

Check out some yummy tuna-inspired recipes here!

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