Lindt Bunnies- and a reason to eat them this Easter!

Those lovely people at Lindt have teamed up with Autism Speaks for the 3rd year running. Autism Speaks is the global leader in autism advocacy, to help provide hope to millions of families impacted by autism.

Lindt will donate to Autism Speaks 10¢ with each purchase of a Lindt Gold Bunny, $1 with every Lindt eCard sent, and $1 with every new Lindt Facebook fan.

lindt gold bunny chocolate health blog happiness charity

Now I don’t think purchases count outside the US (correct me if I’m wrong) but you can like them on facebook here and send an e-card here.

Also, check out their celebrity auction here. For sale are porcelain versions of the iconic Gold Bunny autographed by celebrities in entertainment, food, music and sports communities from March 30-April 9. April is National Autism Awareness Month and 100 percent of the proceeds from the auction will benefit Autism Speaks.

Goodbye bunny- soon you’ll look like this!

lindt bunny eaten autism beauty blog sydney ireland

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