Treat your skin to chocolate this Easter… and no calories in sight!

Who doesn’t love the smell of chocolate? You don’t always need to eat it to enjoy it, you know. Yes, really. This week I’ve tested some products in honor of the chocolate season!

chocolate body butter skincare beauty easter

I came across the Australian brand b.  The b. products are hand-made with a focus on natural raw ingredients which benefit the skin, mind and body. It’s a fantastic company, with a strong ethical core. And delicious products which are not tested on animals. The majority of the packaging has been chosen based on being recyclable, reusable, and environmentally-friendly.

And, most importantly, they have a chocolate range! I tested out 3 items.

b indulgent bath body beautiful chocolate no calories weight loss candle soy australia skincare happiness irelandSoy Spa Candle- Chocolate Scented This candle is absolutely gorgeous. It filled my bedroom with the heavenly scent of  chocolate..mmm!! The candles are entirely natural, including the wax wicks, and are encased in a stylish glass jar for dust-free candle display.

b bath body beautiful chocolate body smooth body butter no calories skincare australia irelandIndulgent Chocolate  Body Butter This leaves your skin silky smooth. And best of all- you smell like chocolate! I’d recommend this for daily use but especially if you’re looking to impress as it has such an appealing scent.  It’s also Paraben-free, and made with only natural ingredients.

b bath body beautiful chocolate skincare indulgent lip-balm no calories health beauty australia irelandIndulgent Lip Balm- Chocolate Flavour For amazingly kissable lips. This is a natural based moisturising lip balm with the delicious flavour and aroma of chocolate. Mmmmm….It leaves your lips soft, shiny and nourished with no waxy or sticky residue. Great for chapped lips, and for after sun lip care.

All of this is a much easier way of indulging in chocolate beauty therapy than trying the below!

chocolate bath no calories easter skincare beauty australia ireland

Check out b.’s website here for product info and online ordering.

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