Australian haircare brand Kusco-Murphy: Review

A while ago I wrote a post on the organic Australian haircare brand Kusco-Murphy. I’ve been using the products for over two weeks now so here’s the review.

First off, their shampoo and conditioners from their bestselling O’senntial range. I tried out the Wash, Rinse (conditioner) and Revival Balm.

kusco murphy o'senntial range organice australian haircare rinse wash shampoo conditioner revival balm intensive conditioner review beauty

The products smell absolutely gorgeous, and I love the packaging. The Wash foams up nicely which is good as some organic shampoos don’t manage it. The Rinse is a lovely everyday conditioner, which was good at untangling my very messy hair and smoothing it. The Revival Balm is a gorgeous treatment- my hair was noticeably smooth after using it. I’ve been using the 3 products over the past 2 weeks (alternating between the rinse and the Revival Balm as conditioners) and my hair feels much softer. The products dont over-moisturise in that greasy/flat kind of way that some heavier conditioners do which is great as I don’t like products that weigh your hair down.

I’ve also been trying out their styling products.

kusco murphy haircare organic australia beach hair beauty review Beach Hair

The Hype: “This unique product gives hair texture and body while filling the hair with the euphoric and exotic essences of tropical bliss.A product to recreate the sexy and sensuous ‘just been to the beach’ look, any day of the year.”

I absolutely love this product. The smell (as with all of the range bus especially with this one) is gorgeous and indeed summery, with crushed bamboo, bergamot and coconut scent. The product really gives texture to your hair, and can be used on wet hair to style and on dry hair to add some ooomph. It also has sunscreen for when you’re actually on the beach! The only downside is if you have very dry hair, as this is giving such a beachy textured look it may dry it out further. I will definitely be using this again.

Kusco murphy lavender creme hair styling australian organic review beauty curling Lavender Crème

The Hype: “This is a light pomade to be used wet or dry. It will  promote curl on wet hair and will de-frizz when scrunching. Adds moisture to curly hair.The setting properties allow the hair to move but stay in place.”

I really like this product. But be warned- it has a somewhat overwhelming smell of lavender so if you don’t like the purple stuff, step away. I found this great for scrunching into my wet hair to add curl. It’s also very moistursing which is great for dry damaged hair, so if your hair is really in need of some moisture this would be better than the Beach Hair.

kusco murphy organic australian haircare beauty bedroom hair

Bedroom Hair

The Hype: “The look is a subdued, sensual one, while extracts of Green Tea, Cassia and Lemon Balm fill the hair with an exotic scent.This product will allow the hair to look crushed but still have an amazing amount of hold.”

I personally found this the weakest of the styling products. While it does smell nice it really didn’t do much for my hair in terms of shape or hold. I don’t think I’d buy it.

Keeping Beautiful’s Verdict: Kusco-Murphy is a really gorgeous brand. The products are effective, smell gorgeous, and are organic and environmentally friendly. And not to be shallow but the packaging is so lovely! For more on the brand see here.

Definitely Recommended! 4.5/5

Click here to view the Kusco-Murphy website.

kusco murphy mens haircare hair loss prevention organic review

Kusco-Murphy also have a men’s range! So stay tuned for a review, currently the products are being used by my faithful male tester!

2 thoughts on “Australian haircare brand Kusco-Murphy: Review

  1. question: anyone know the difference of kusco-murphy and kevin murphy products? i’m from ill, have a salon and looking to compare but can not find a distributor who carries kusco-murphy~thanks

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