Do you know your daily wine limit?

Yay, it’s Friday! Which for alot of us involves a glass of wine after work. Luckily this can have benefits-  the antioxidants in red wine can prevent heart disease and lower cholesterol.

However, drinking too much leads to higher risk of cancers and other diseases. A new survey from the American Heart Association has found that most people don’t know what an acceptable amount wine should be.

red wine for health benefits weight loss know your limit men women

The American Heart Association surveyed 1,000 adults. They found that while 70 percent of Americans know that drinking red wine is good for the heart, only 30 percent know the recommended limits. The AHA suggests men should stick to two drinks per day and women to one. Any more than this and you’re undoing any benefits derived from drinking a glass of the red stuff.

There are also other reasons to limit your wine intake. Light drinking releases more endorphins than heavy drinking, and limiting empty calories in alcoholic drinks can help keep you from gaining weight.

Check out the Australian guidelines to reduce health risks from drinking alcohol here.

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