Eva Mendes and Naomi Watts join Pantene

Eva Mendes and Naomi Watts have signed multimillion-dollar endorsement deals to serve as the new faces of the haircare brand Pantene, E! News have revealed. Mendes will front the company’s Breakage to Strength line while Watts will support its Flat to Volume collection. What do you think of the pictures from the shoot?

naomi watts pantene haircare beauty australia
Courtesy of Pantene

The worldwide multimedia advertising campaign will feature the two gorgeous  ladies as the company’s “celebrity ambassadors”. It will be interesting to see two equally high-profile women of distinct hair colors and styles in the one campaign!

“With their undeniable beauty and confidence that women admire, Eva and Naomi are wonderful additions to the Pantene family,” Pantene spokeswoman Julie Marchant-Houle told E! News.

Eva Mendes Pantene haircare beauty
Courtesy of Pantene

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