Blueberries can help fight fat

According to scientists from the American Society for Nutrition, blueberries may help break down fat cells and stop new ones from developing.  The researchers discovered the fat-fighting  benefits of eating blueberries after carrying out tests on lab mice.
blueberries fight fat lose weight
By feeding the mice varying levels of antioxidants found in blueberries, called polyphenols, they discovered the antioxidants had an effect on the animals’ fat cells. The mice that had been given the highest level of blueberry polyphenols lost 73% of their fat cells – that’s almost three-quarters of their body fat. And even the animals that had been given the lowest dose of blueberry antioxidants had their fat cells slashed by 27%.

blueberries lose weight fight fat weight loss health

As a result, the researchers conclude that blueberry polyphenols may help induce the process of lipolysis – which is the breaking down of fats within the body – in humans too.

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