Your willpower weakens at 3.23pm

We’ve all been  guilty of the afternoon unhealthy snack.  Vending machine- hello!

Now researchers have pinpointed the most dangerous time: 3.23pm. The survey, carried out for the Atkins Diet, suggests mid-afternoon is the time when most of us are more likely to break our good intentions. 62% of the slimmers it quizzed admitted they break their diets in the middle of the afternoon compared to those whose willpower weakens in the morning (16%) and late evening (22%).

vending machine snacking afternoon weight loss

Stress is to blame, say 56% of the 1,250 slimmers who participated, with 26% claiming boredom at work makes them snack, while 8% say colleagues who take treats into work help tip them over the edge.

As a result, diet experts advise people to watch the clock if they want to beat their cravings. If you’re aware that you’re susceptible to eating unhealthily at a certain point of the day, it means you can take steps to avoid it.

For example, you can bring in a healthy snack to munch on at the aforementioned 3.23. Or if you’re genuinely not hungry and are just feeling greedy, get up, walk around and grab a healthy drink. Water, Green Tea, Rosehip Tea, and Peppermint Tea are all great options. Just stay away from the fizzy drinks– yes, even the diet ones!

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