Model Caroline Louise Forsling sues Estée Lauder over claims it branded her ‘old’ in anti-ageing skincare ad

Caroline Louise Forsling, 35,  has filled a $2 million lawsuit against the cosmetics giant.  She has alleged that a photo of her face was used in the ad for Plantscription serum by Origins, which is owned by Estee Lauder, without her knowledge and consent. The photograph, which she says was a test shot taken during a shoot for an ad for a different Estée Lauder-owned company, shows her make-up-free with her hair pulled back from her face.

Estee Lauder sued by Caroline Louise Forsling for branding her ‘old’

The Swedish beauty has further said that an irreparable lose the advertisement has done to her professional career as the poster says, ‘The serum is targeted at women aged 45-60.’ Says Forsling- “The advertise has caused a great damage to my professional career, and it is also a non-professional conduct on the part of Estee Lauder,” she said adding, “It is my right to sue the brand, as it campaigned my photograph without my knowledge.”

Caroline Louise Forsling estee lauder

The suit reads: ‘Defendants did not disclose in the Plantscription ad… that Forsling never used Plantscription, that Forsling is not aged 45-60 or that the so-called “dramatization” of the product did not result from the use of the product by Forsling, but rather reflected [their] manipulation of a photograph.’

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