Subtle Energies Dry Mix Pitta Face Mud Mask

A while back I became interested in Subtle Energies and their unique approach to skincare. Their practice is the use of rare and beneficial oils from India, combined with a European standard of natural skincare. All manufacturing and testing is done in Australia. So I have been using this face mask once a fortnight.

Subtle Energies Dry Mix Pitta Face Mud Mask Review Australia Beauty

The Hype The gentle, mineral-rich Subtle Energies Dry Mix Pitta Face Mud Mask draws dirt and impurities from the skin, revitalises and conditions beautifully, allowing a more vibrant and radiant complexion.

The unique combination of dry herbal extracts, Ayurvedic clay and essential oils will cool and refresh the skin, while the aromas of mogra, frankincense and kewda will soothe the senses and promote tranquility.

Keeping Beautiful’s Verdict This is a really great face mask. There is very little scent which I think is better for the delicate face area. Your skin really does feel squeaky clean after use, and exfoliated. It is very easy to make up by mixing some water with the clay, so the product will literally last as long as you want it to as there must be over 100 applications in it. As I have quite dry skin I wouldn’t use it more than once a fortnight- it is exceptionally deep cleaning which dries out my skin a little. For more normal-oily skin once a week would be great.

Definitely recommended! 4/5

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