Best SPF Face Creams

For once it is sunny in both Australia and Ireland- yay! So slap on the SPF.  Aside from protection against skin cancer, an SPF will protect your face against aging. Exposure to ultraviolet light, UVA or UVB, from sunlight accounts for 90% of the symptoms of premature skin aging

But, aside from an SPF you need a moisturiser that works for your skin in other ways too. Here are some of the best everyday facial SPF moisturisers we’ve tested.

Dry Skin

Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream has long been a beauty staple. The facial moisturisers are absolutely gorgeous and are available in SPF15 and 50.

The 50 offers much better protection against harmful rays so wear this one on sunny days. The 15 is richer, so great for winter months. Both are perfect for dry skin. They also smell yummy.

Normal Skin

L’OCCITANE have the  Almond Apple Velvet Face Fluid (SPF 40).

It’s perfect for normal skin, hydrating for winter months as well as summer.  Organic apple extract to refine skin’s texture and help protect against free radicals. It has a gorgeous scent and melts into your skin on application.

Oily Skin

Clinique have a simple and lovely non-oily SPF cream. The City Block range comes in SPFs 25 and 40.

They also work as an excellent primer under make-up or without, as they have a teensy bit of coverage.  Lightweight formula helps  absorb excess oil so makeup looks fresher for  longer.

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