Acai Berries- yummy goodness!

Acai Berries have been touted for some time as a superfood. They are high in antioxidants (up to 10 times more then red grapes and up to 30 times more then red wine). They also have Amino Acid, Essential Fatty Acids, Monounsaturated fats and Dietary Fibre.

acai berry benefits  antioxidants weight loss

However, as the berries hail from Brazil it’s pretty difficult to actually get them. A good alternative is acai power to add to smoothies. But make sure to look for acai powders that have been ‘freeze dried’.

In order for the berries to be turned into a powder, they have to be dried. But high temperatures can destroy the antioxidant content. Some manufacturers avoid this issue by incorporating a process called freeze drying. Many companies use a process called spray drying that leaves the powder a bright pink hue that is void of any nutritional benefit. Avoid these!

One thought on “Acai Berries- yummy goodness!

  1. Acai Berry Diet Supplement – Helps to increase metabolism, helping to reduce weight. Contains a number of heavy anti-oxidants that help natural diet.

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