Trilogy Instant Bronzing Gel- Loving it!

Well in Australia summer is coming, and I am as pasty as they come. And in Ireland, summer is gone. Either way- it’s a great time to get out the fake tans! And not the dodgy cheap ones. At the moment I’m absolutely loving Trilogy’s new Instant Bronzing Gel for when I’m too lazy to apply my tan the night before.

trilogy instant bronzing gel tan summer bronze beautiful shimmer organic winter

The unique formulation combines Caramel from non GMO Cane Sugar for instant colour, with a natural, high performance, ECOCERT self-tanning ingredient, which works with your skin to develop a safe and natural looking tan.  The gel also contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.

The gel is soothing, smells nice, gives an instant shimmer, and then develops into a deeper colour. It develops quite quickly so careful hand scrubbing is a must!

Keeping Beautiful’s Verdict Love it! But let it dry after application before dressing/lying on sheets. 4/5

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