Keeping those lips luscious with an SPF

Did you know that your lips are just as easy to burn as the rest of your skin? So an SPF is really important to prevent sun damage which can cause blisters, premature aging, and even skin cancer. Here are some yummy lipbalms I’ve used and loved- all really cheap too.    

Blistex Lipbalm Range Review SPF

Blistex have an amazing range of lipbalms, most of which have a decent SPF. The Lip Conditioner is a classic, containing aloe vera and cocoa butter and an SPF of 20. I love the Strawberry Lip Balm which tastes gorgeous and has an SPf of 16- its also waterproof for 80 minutes.

Maybelline Baby Lips SPF review beauty

Maybelline have a fabulous new range of lipbalms called Babylips with an SPF of 20, which contain  ingredients such as shea butter, centella, and vitamins. I love the menthol one for minty fresh breath!

Natio Moisturising Lip Balm SPF 30+ Review

Natio is a lovely Aussie brand and this Moisturising Lip Balm   is simple and lovely, with an SPF of 30+. It’s also water resistant.

2 thoughts on “Keeping those lips luscious with an SPF

  1. Oooh I’d love to try the maybelline ones. I’ve not heard of them in England. I do have a few blistex reviews on my blog as well as my favourite ever lip balm ‘nivea soothe and protect’ :)!

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