Women’s Shape-ups ‘Liv’ Toning Sneakers Review

I have been wearing the ‘Liv’ toning skeakers from Skechers for over 2 months now. These are the colour I’ve been wearing- I have to say they are much nicer looking than your average trainer!

Liv sketchers tone ups review

Skechers don’t claim that you’ll be magically toned by these, more that they help make exercise easier and more fluid. These are the claims:

  • Smart: The key to Shape-ups Liv by SKECHERS is the curved bottom that guides you back to the body’s barefoot stride
  • Natural: The diagonal SmartShoe™ bottom adjusts your stride so the motion of each step naturally aligns your body’s center of gravity and promotes fluid transitions as you walk, jog or run
  • Comfortable: Lightweight, flexible and soft Resalyte™ midsole gives you a cushioned base that protects your joints
  • Fit: Sock-Fit construction with ExoSkin support is like an extension of your foot
  • Free: Flex Groove bottom allows a nearly limitless range of free motion

I absolutely love wearing these. As someone with bad back problems and weak joints, if I don’t wear supportive footwear I can really suffer. Jogging in regular trainers I often get severe knee pains and lower back aches. Even if I’m simply walking in unsupportive shows I can feel my back twinging.

Wearing these trainers makes walking and jogging so much easier. They have an amazing sole which makes your foot move from heel to toe in one fluid motion so the impact on your joints is really minimised. Check out this video to see what I mean!


Keeping Beautiful’s Verdict  These trainers make walking and running easier, help cushion your joints from impact, and help me jog further than I ever have. I can’t say they have toned me just by wearing them; but as they encourage me to move more and push me to jog further they are definitely worth buying! They are also just amazing to wear every day for support while you walk. And they look good!

Definitely recommended! Love, Love, Love. 5/5

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