Avocado Please!

I know they look funny, but they are a little ball of wonder for you, inside and out.

avocado health benefits skin vitamins picture

When eaten, avocados do wonders for your skin (amongst other things). They are absolutely jam-packed with vitamins and nutrients important for healthy skin.

Vitamin E
This is a free-radical scavenger that assists in slowing the aging process.

Vitamin C
This is an amazing antioxidant, anti-viral and anti-bacterial. Vitamin C is brilliant for your skin, as an essential component for collagen  and elastin production,which keeps your skin looking radiant.

Vitamins E&C act  together as a powerful skin anti-aging combination.

Essential B Vitamins
Including niacin (vitamin B3) which has been proven to improve the appearance of skin.

Healthy monounsaturated fat
This is great for your skin because, as is the case with omega-3 fatty acids, it keeps skin plump and youthful looking and helps prevent dry skin.

I’m partial to the simple method of spreading avocado on a sandwich. But, if you fancy something a bit more exciting try some of these.

(Oh, and avocados are also linked to digestive health, cancer prevention, and are great for your heart.)

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