Review- De Lorenzo Equilibrium Treatment Masque

A friend of mine has tried this out- check out her review below!

De Lorenzo Equilibrium Treatment Masque review

Having recently had a full head of highlights done, my hair was in a sorry state. Dry and straw-like, it required emergency treatment.

I decided not to scrimp and took myself to a local shop which sells salon products directly to the public. I explained to the shop attendant the awful things I had done to my hair and asked her advice on the best repairing product. When I explained I washed my hair daily, she recommended that I purchase the De Lorenzo Equilibrium Treatment Masque for $30.95 and use it twice a week.

Description: The label describes it as a “Deep repair treatment masque with organic Rosehip and Oat Peptides” and promises to restore my “dry, damaged hair to good health and shine”- promising! It is a white, gloopy paste with a pleasant perfume. I am instructed to comb the masque through towel dried hair and leave for 5-10 minutes- easy!

Packaging: It’s in an annoying tub which is awkward to open in the shower and it is difficult to avoid diluting it with shower water.

Result: After four uses over two weeks, my hair is no better. It is still dry, damaged and difficult to comb.

Verdict: Expensive and not repairing/nourishing in any way 1/5

One thought on “Review- De Lorenzo Equilibrium Treatment Masque

  1. I have recently had my hair stripped from black to go blonde.
    My hair was in the worst state it had ever been in, it was straw-like, dry, extremely brittle so close to the fact that it would have been better to shave my head and start again!!!
    I went straight to my hair dresser and she recommended Equilibrium, BEST DESICION EVER!!
    My hair is so much stronger, shinyer and amazingly getting healthier again and it smells amazing.
    My hair is not dry, straw-like nor brittle after using it twice a week and it combs so easily as drys in less than 30mins. I use it once i have only washed my hair with shampoo towel dry my hair once out of shower comb through equilibrium leave for 15min in a shower cap or glad wrap than wash it out. SIMPLE!!!

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