Taylor Swift in February’s Vogue

I absolutely love these photos. I knew she is beautiful anyway, but these shots show a completely different side of Taylor Swift- she’s a very decent model! The article is great too, a real insight into how grounded she is.

taylor swift vogue shoot Rodarte sunflower-embroidered iridescent silk-chiffon dress. Monique Péan black diamond necklace.

“I don’t ever want to be that person whose self-image overtakes who they are. I am not a fan of working out that much. There’s no regimen. There’s no personal trainer. I love to go hiking because it’s an experience. If I need to gain stamina for a tour, I will run every single night on the treadmill, but I don’t necessarily like being at the gym”

taylor-swift_vogue-february cover

Taylor Swift Vogue February 2012 Rodarte floral embroidered wool prairie coat (fall 2011) and marbled wool dress (fall 2009). Carlos Falchi

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