Yoga Love in East London

I think the biggest influencer on my happiness, health and all round fitness has been attending yoga regularly for the past 3ish years. I feel so happy and good about myself when I go, plus my posture has improved significantly and my back problems are all but gone.

I aim for 3 times a week and it’s sometime more, sometimes less, but I usually make the goal. I love strong dynamic Vinyasa, preferably in a heated room! I absolutely adored Yoga Hotspot in Chatswood when I was in Sydney and was so sad to leave.

Moving countries is very stressful and long-haul flying is terrible for your body. So, getting back into yoga here was an immediate goal.

I’m currently testing new studios on London- this week I am at Stretch Yoga on Ava Street by London Fields. The studio is gorgeous and the classes are very intense, with a good intro offer of £25 for ten days. I do miss the heat though…

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