Covergirl Exact Eyelights Eye-Brightening Eyeshadows

If there were awards for tongue-twisting product titles this would win. But there isn’t.

I’ve never used Covergirl before, but it’s quite popular in Australia so I decided to give their eyeshadow a go.

covergirl eyeshadow review beauty blog The Hype

Each color-coordinated eyeshadow collection is expertly designed to bring out your blues, greens, browns and hazels, and define your eyes.

Keeping Beautiful’s Verdict

First off, I didn’t buy the collection designed  for my blue eyes as I was looking for more neutral colours. I opted for the brown collection, above. On initial application the shadow is nice, although it doesn’t offer much coverage and is very natural. A bit too light for my liking.

By lunchtime the shadow is creased and coverage is uneven and patchy looking. I gave Covergirl the benefit of the doubt and wore it for a few days, and each day it failed me!

Definitely not recommended! 1/5

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