Friday Tip: If you do one nice thing for yourself this weekend…

Say no to Fat Talk. This is a brilliant campaign launched by Australian Cosmo.

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“Argh, I feel so bloated. I really shouldn’t have had that cookie with my lunch today. Look how skinny Amy’s getting. I bet she never eats cookies. How am I going to get away with wearing a bikini at Luke’s party on the weekend? Maybe I should just skip it. I’ll tell everyone I got the flu.”

Sound familiar? Most of us have engaged in this kind of “Fat Talk” at one point or another, whether it’s a destructive internal monologue, like the one above, or an “I’m so fat” “No, you’re not. You’re skinny – I’m the fat one” convo with our friends.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Fat Talk is bad for us. It depletes our self-confidence, stops us from doing fun things (like eating cookies and going to pool parties), and reinforces the false idea that our value as a human being is based on how we look. It is toxic and demoralising.

Cosmo have launched this fabulous campaign and I am completely behind it- we’ve all engaged in Fat Talk and it does absolutely nothing except depress us, make us bitchier, and deplete our self-esteem.

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