Some products I’ve been using lately!

Thought I’d post a few products I’ve been loving lately! Check our my instagram for my daily random postings.

aesop body balm rejuvrnate intensive bblogger review
Aesop Rejuvenate Body Balm. This is so amazing for dry skin and a beautiful gift I got from my friends in Sydney. I’m trying to buy local since I got to London, so very happy to have been gifted this one! As will all Aesop products the ingredients are divine and the smell makes me so happy.
testing bblogger skincare oskia london renaissance mask
Me testing out the Oskia London Renaissance Mask. So far am absoutely loving it! Will review the range soon.
boots botanics review bblogger
My trusty Boots Botanics cleansing products. The best bargain beauty cleansers out there! Have written about my love for them before, and the love affair continues. Highlight is the eye makeup remover. I think it’s the best one I’ve ever used.

makeup staples

Makeup! A few of my faves. 

-I love Urban Decay eye shadow it, especially the Naked 2 palette as the colours are so natural. Sad my black one broke though! Was good for eyelining.

Smashbox is such a great primer. There’s a reason it has such an amazing reputation! It feels like silk on your skin and really creates a great base for your foundation.

Lancome mascara, Mac foundation, and Shanghai Suzy lipstick complete the set.

You may not have heard of Shanghai Suzy. It’s a cute lipstick only brand and have such a great range of affordable colours. They’re not tested on animals and contain no animal-derived ingredients. My current fave colour is Miss Amy.

11 thoughts on “Some products I’ve been using lately!

  1. The Naked 2 is my favourite palette – the black is soooo pigmented, shame yours smashed 😦 The Smashbox primer does feel so luxurious and lasts for ages!

      1. Haha out of all the matte blacks, it’s definitely my favourite but as long as it’s still useable that’s ok!

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