My new favourite moisturiser- Olay Complete Care Touch of Foundation

I have been away from this blog for far too long!

But here is my new favourite day moisturiser- it has an SPF, smells gorgeous, is really hydrating, and best of all has some light coverage. It leaves a lovely a lovely sheer finish, and is reasonably priced too.

tinted moisturiser review olay touch of foundation beautiful

Video footage from 1936 reveals how make up was applied- with Geometry?

A make-up application how-to video from 1936 has been discovered, illustrating the crazy way experts used to apply the science of geometry when applying make-up to the face. 

vintage makeup 1930s how to

The short newsreel film, made by British Pathe and entitled Secrets of Make-up, is narrated by an  English gentleman who  pokes fun at the subject . ‘Making up whether after a tiff or as part of the toilet is an art if only one knows how,’

Totally worth watching!

Click here to watch the video- it’s only a minute long.


Vanity Fair March 2012: The Hollywood Issue Photos

Rooney Mara, Mia Wasikowska, Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain vanity fair hollywood issue 2012 March-2012-fold-out

In the first-ever Hollywood Issue cover shoot from Vanity Fair  photographer Mario Testino, some of Hollywood’s mostbeautiful and talented women lounge across a three-panel fold out spread—including two new Oscar nominees.  More

To meat or not to meat? 8 months in the life of a pescetarian.

So about 8 months ago I decided to give up meat (though I am eating fish so am technically a pescetarian not a vegetarian). I’ve found it really easy, Australia is surprisingly great for non-meaty options contrary to popular belief!

A lot of people are completely misinformed about a meat free diet. Most think you can’t get enough protein- but they are wrong. My lifesavers have been tofu, legumes, eggs, nuts (and fish as I’m not a full vegetarian). Iron deficiency is also another concern people have- but iron is present in tofu, mushrooms, spinach, beans, lentils…etc!

vegetarian pescetarian protein weight fat obese

Not that I’m pro killing innocent animals, but animal rights was not my primary motivator for giving up meat- health was. I definitely feel much healthier since I made the move. Processed meats were previously featuring in my diet.  They have been linked to very bad things for your body including a direct link to bowel cancer. There is nothing unhealthy about good quality meat in your diet but for me I’ve eaten so much better since making the switch. As I can’t take the easy option of grabbing some meaty choice,  I’m planning my meals more and when I do eat out making much healthier choices. So as a bonus my skin is clearer and I’ve lost a few pounds too. Oh and did I mention it’s much cheaper not buying meat?


The Importance of Folic Acid

You need 400 mcg of folic acid in your daily diet, according to The National Council on Folic Acid. Getting less can result in a number of serious health problems, including heart disease, cancer, obesity, macular (retina) degeneration, Parkinson’s disease, depression, anemia and rheumatoid arthritis. It’s also vital for expecting mothers as it can help prevent birth defects.

eggs benedict folic acidcereals grains folic acid food

There are plenty of ways boost your daily folic acid intake. Taking a folic acid supplement is the surest (and easiest) way, but eating fortified foods such as sunflower seeds, spinach, eggs, as well as grains, pastas, and cereals also do the trick.

Taylor Swift in February’s Vogue

I absolutely love these photos. I knew she is beautiful anyway, but these shots show a completely different sude of Taylor Swift- she’s a very decent model! The article is great too, a real insight into how grounded she is.

taylor swift vogue shoot Rodarte sunflower-embroidered iridescent silk-chiffon dress. Monique Péan black diamond necklace.

“I don’t ever want to be that person whose self-image overtakes who they are. I am not a fan of working out that much. There’s no regimen. There’s no personal trainer. I love to go hiking because it’s an experience. If I need to gain stamina for a tour, I will run every single night on the treadmill, but I don’t necessarily like being at the gym” More

Drew Barrymore on Aging, Plastic Surgery, and Fitness.

Loving Drew Barrymore in February’s InStyle. The cover and photo-spread are gorgeous.  Do you prefer her hair blonde or red?

Drew Barrymore hair plastic surgery fitness

  • On growing up: “I’m pushing 40. I feel like those things that I always aspired to are finally being realised. I used to be afraid to let go of the intensity. I thought the work would suffer. But the lesson is, No, it’s still good, and I’m a lot happier — and less of a nervous kid.” More

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