Shape up with… Reformer Pilates

Pilates is a brilliant way to strengthen and tone. It has a huge celebrity following, and for good reason.

I tried my first Reformer Pilates class a few weeks ago. I have done regular mat pilates in the past, but seeing as reformer is so popular here in Sydney I thought I’d give it a go. (I went to the Tiaki studios which are really serene and have loads of classes on offer).

3 sessions in I have decided I have enough experience to write a semi-informed post! And yes, the machine does look like a torture device.

Pilates Reformer Tiaki Sydney beauty health blog toning lose weight

The Hype Tiaki Pilates classes work the body out to 80 per cent fatigue, thereby encouraging it to continue burning metabolising fat long after the session is over. The classes enhance physical tone by lengthening the muscles rather than bulking them up, creating an enviable long and lean shape. Pilates also improves alignment and posture, and is the ideal complement to both a sedentary and active lifestyle.

lose weight pilates reformer sydney beauty health blog sydney ireland Keeping Beautiful’s Verdict The class was a painful experience. But the 45 minutes go really quickly which is a plus! After my first class I could barely walk for two days so decided to warm myself up properly for the next one. The class works your arms and legs amazingly, it’s excellent for toning. It also gets your abs but only if you do the exercises and accompanying breathing properly so don’t be afraid to put your hand up during class.

After my third session I am enjoying the classes, and that 80 per cent fatigue kicks in ridiculously quickly! So it’s not for the faint hearted. I am yet to experience an “enviable long and lean shape” but a girl can dream. Also I havent been doing it the recommended twice a week  (my bad).  I  decided that mixing it in with Zumba classes would be more fun for me and actually keep me going to the sessions instead of making my usual excuses.

For more information on Reformer Pilates click here.

Definitely recommended! 4/5

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