Tips for ‘slow-carbing’ your meals

I’ve been a fan of the food blog for a while now and she has some great food ideas. Here are her tips on ‘slow carbing’. Slow-Carb is a term coined by Tim Ferris in his book ‘The 4-Hour Body’. Basically it involves managing your insulin levels by avoiding grains, fruit and sugar and replacing them with vegetables and legumes. Check out more recipes here.

slow carbing chicken and basil stir fry low carb no carb lose weight diet

7 ways to slow carb your favourite meals

1. Cauliflower your rice.
A recent discovery, I’m just loving my new slow carb accompaniment to curries and stir fries. And the brilliant thing it that it’s super quick if you get your food processor to do the hard yards. No more gluggy rice to worry about.

2. Zucchini your noodles.
For an alternative to spaghetti or other long pasta, roast some finely sliced zucchini (courgettes) like the recipe here. And serve with your favourite pasta sauce.

3. Carotti your spaghetti.
Shave a carrot or two into ribbons with a vegetable peeler and then simmer until tender. Presto! Orange ‘spaghetti‘.

4. Butter bean your macaroni.

Drained canned butter beans or other white beans make a wonderfully comforting slow-carb alternative to short pasta such as penne or macaroni.

5. Replace flour with almond meal (or other ground nuts).
This only works for some situations, like using flour or breadcrumbs to coat meat. Or in baked goods.

6. Mash white beans instead of potatoes.

Drained canned white beans with a little olive oil make a wonderful Slow-Carb mash instead of spuds. They’re also much quicker. Pureed cooked cauliflower is another favourite mash alternative.

7. Try lettuce wraps instead of bread.
For those who love their sandwiches, try washed lettuce – iceberg works really well – to wrap your favourite fillings. Think sang choi bau with so many possibilities.

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