Review- Olay Complete Touch of Sun

A friend of mine with sensitive skin tried out this product- review below!

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While I wasn’t expecting much from a bargain $5 clearance deal in Priceline, I didn’t quite imagine the carnage “Olay Complete Touch of Sun” would reign on my skin.

The extra blurb on the 200ml squeezable tube describes it as a “body moisturiser plus a touch of sunless tanner”. Being in the depths of a Sydney winter I thought my skin could do with a little extra glow, reminiscent of recent holidays. However, I was sent much further back in time to teenage acne era (funny that as I never had acne).

As “Olay Complete Touch of Sun” is a body moisturiser, I would keep it far away from my face. Having sensitive, dry skin I learned my lesson long ago about smearing my visage with creams meant for corporeal parts.

After duly dousing my arms, legs and chest with the smelly, custard-like cream, I left it to dry and continued my daily ablutions. Once I got around to applying face cream and makeup I got a shock- the noggin peering back at me from the mirror had what can only be described as an ‘outbreak’ all over. My face and neck were hot and covered with small red bumps; a distinctly moon-like surface. Not a good look, and certainly not when I’m about to bop out the door to work.

olay touch of sun review self tanning lotion sensitive skin bad for
Even the model doesn't look happy!

So by now I was a stinky, red-faced mess. Foundation can only do so much magic so a strategically-placed scarf was quickly called to action. “You’ll see a beautiful sun-kissed glow so natural, you wouldn’t be able to tell it’s from a moisturiser”- more like a chemical spray than a smooch from the sun.

A slight, streaky sheen of brown did turn up on my arms and legs but was quickly exfoliated.

The moral of the story is: be content with porcelain winter-skin. But if you insist on a little mid-winter hint of orange, beware of bargains and spend money on a good moisturiser.

NOT recommended- for sensitive skin or otherwise. 1/5

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