Kate Bosworth the new face (and voice) of Cotton Inc

Kate Bosworth is featured in the new video for Cotton Inc. This is a departure for the campaign as her predecessors Leona Lewis and Zooey Deschanel are well known singers. In case you didn’t know, Cotton Inc ads have the models singing too! But they haven’t moved away from that- Kate sings in the ad and her voice is actually really nice. Loving the clothes too.

Kate Bosworth Fo Cotton Inc singing

Cotton’s SVP of marketing said “In year three we sought out someone else who had a cinema background and we put the music part behind and focused on more associations with nice clothes and…frankly the editorial side of fashion. We were looking for people from the movies who were really seen as young, female fashion leaders and Kate came to the forefront quite quickly with that kind of perspective. She was in fact anxious [to sing] and she said this commercial will give her a chance to make her singing debut.”

Check out Kate’s video here:

How do you think it compares to Zooey and Leona’s? I kind of prefer it!

2 thoughts on “Kate Bosworth the new face (and voice) of Cotton Inc

  1. The Leona Lewis one is so dramatic! I like Zooey’s song the best but i love the clothes in Kate’s one especially that black dress at the end!

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