Fizzy Drinks- what exactly are they doing to your insides?

I’m working in an office where Coke, Coke  Zero, and Sprite are stocked in the fridge and free to take. And it’s very hot outside! So for a while there I merrily drank a Coke Zero a day. Even though I know it’s bad for me, it’s just so refreshing. And there’s no calories!

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But I’ve got a grip and resisted for the past couple of weeks (a few weak moments aside) for the below reasons. Unfortunately, as delicious as they are, Fizzy Drink s are just plain bad for you. Sigh.

Coke and other sugary fizzies

We know sugar is bad for us. We also know that Coke is loaded with caffeine and calories. So it’s really a no-go area. In addition, fizzy drinks have been linked to lower bone density, since they can block your bones’ absorption of calcium. Coke is also extremely acidic-it takes over 30 cups of pH-balanced water to neutralize the acidity of one coke. The acid residue can be extremely hard on the kidneys since they have to filter it.

Diet Coke and other sugar-free options

Diet options don’t have calories or sugar, but they have the same effect on your bones and kidneys. And, ironically, diet options have also been linked to weight gain.

Diet options also contain aspartame, which is an extremely controversial sweetener. The  FDA’s acceptable intake of aspartame is the amount found in about four cans of a diet soda, but a sensitivity to the sweetener can cause other side effects: headaches, dizziness, mood changes, and skin reactions. Some even argue it’s linked to depression, epilepsy, and cancer. I have definitely experienced bad skin and headaches from drinking Coke Zero and Diet 7up in the past.

Keeping Beautiful’s Verdict:

There is a lot of controversy over just how bad sugary and diet fizzy drinks are for you and many of the claims may be exaggerated. However, considering it’s your body- do you really want to risk it? Aside from anything else fizzy drinks are really addictive, and if you don’t break the habit now it could become a lifetime one. If you treat yourself once in a while its fine- but remember treats are for occasional consumption only!

Plus, if you’re drinking a fizzy drink, you’re choosing not to drink something else — a glass of water, juice, herbal tea, or anything with actual health benefits.

diet coke bad for you health beauty blog dublin sydney

5 thoughts on “Fizzy Drinks- what exactly are they doing to your insides?

  1. Hi, I used to have a ‘one a day’ diet coke habit and a constant headache to go with it! gave it up a few years ago except for when I am at the cinema! ( and no, I dont go to a daily movie! )

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